Thirsty Crow Short Story


Our needs force us to invent the things and keep our self benefited. We have heard lots of stories in our world related to needs of people but a beautiful story about a crow and his thirst have no alternative here.

Story Starts from here:-

It was a very hot day. A crow was very thirsty. He flew here and there all around in search of water. He could not find the water. Then He sat on a branch of a tree. There was pitcher. There was also some water in the pitcher. He became very happy to see the pitcher with water. He tried to drink water but the level of water was low. His beak could not reach the water in that pitcher. He thought a plan. He dropped some little stones in the pitcher one by one. The level of water rose up. The crow drank the water and flew away happily.

Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention

Now all students may find their best stories to prepare for their exams and they can also get good grades also. We have very simple and sweet stories very easily to memorize for exams like for the thirsty crow for Class 4 to Class 10 students.


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