Freedom of Media in Pakistan


Important Notes:

The Introduction

Make Use of Media

The Abuses of Media


Radio, Newspapers and the Television are the basic things for us to get information about the news and will be helpful to catch all the updates and news we like. So as the televisions are very well-known and strong medium of expression of the news and about the things we can watch and listen both. Basically these mediums regarded by different economists as a complete and important modern life. Actually with the growth of the literacy and the specific development of different and unique mediums of communication with each other are known playing a good society.

Simple the use of different media options as the social media and print media are numerous for us. Main thing is to get in touch with the current affairs through the media programs. So as without such things we actually cannot get the necessary news of even the own towns or the villages. It is extended by the people bounds of the better knowledge and information make us look as we are essential thing as living into the world. Some leading media news channels and the news channels are in touch with the various parts of the universe with the help of agencies around.

So as the media aerate different grievance media grievances of the better things to do into the life and they actually keep the public and the government into the relative contacts. Main problem is that political into the news papers and news on the TV and the radio. The government through the media is a great source and way of entertainment as well. On the TV we enjoy serial plays, poetry, other shoes and the competitions. It is also depending upon the enjoyment and entertainment issues with this.

Main thing is that media can also perform a lot of harm role also; it is due to a complete double edged weapon and to cut the different ways also. Exactly with the publishing or the airing false news, they can mislead the people with this. If we can make the special thing and people nervous and the excited by different and sensational news about the strikes and riots and wars are included into the media friendly term.

Finally media actually control the actually have complete educative values and also the readers to a good newspaper and viewers of the television. So as that people who watch the TV and the viewers of the shows completely better informed than the scholars depends upon the current issues we have from there. In to the new papers and some particular programmers on TV, it is about things we have from the different social issues and from the social matters and from the published books we get. Being inflammatory essays it is quite relevant for having the gulf right between the different nations on the world.


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