latest Tips to Use A Sim Card Into An Iphone


Iphone is one of the latest technology in mobile field and its has lots of features more the mobile phone but iphone 7 or more has very high price so lots o business man use it also. Q is how to use sim card in Iphone so we will solve your problem only follow our tips.


1 – Power off your Iphone because it is necessary for you.

2 – Keep in mind, you sim card must be accurate size for your iphone so when you buy simcard tell your buyer about your iphone model.

3 – See where is the simcard interning option so you must know about it.

4 – There may be two option in your iphone such as SIM eject tool or straighten a small paperclip so one option from both, will be in your iphone.

5 – You have to put SIM eject tool or straighten a small paperclip into your SIM hole.

6 – Out Your SIM from iphone easily.

7 – Add new SIM card into your iphone after removing old one.

8 – Now you have to tray back into your iphone.

9 – Turn on your iphone now your new SIM card will be connect to your new network easily.

Note – if you still not understand above tips, you must follow wikihow which is very well written with images for you.


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