Har Kaam Allah Kay Liay – Hades Pak and Bayan


Allah Pak is only one and anything but good we have to do for Allah Pak. If we do good things but most important part is to keep in mind, Allah Pak ky Raza is important only not any other.

Hades Pak

Famous Words

Bayan by Nigaht Hasmi – ہر کام اللہ کے لئے

Other Golden Words

More Then Golden Words

Note – Allah Pak hum sub ko acha kaam karna ky toufeeq dy because koy be good things sirf kabool hoty ha jub wo sirf Allah Pak ka lia hoty ha.  Agar dunia and Junat chya tu Sub acha kaam Allah Pak ka Lia ho sirf.

Allah Pak Muja sub sa zaada naky ky toufeeq dy Ameen.



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