Free Press Release Sites List 2018


What Is Press Release

“It is the news which you want to share with people currently called press release”.

For an Example

When somethings new changing happend in government and Govt representor want to inform people what has append through media, news paper, social media called press release.

How to Search in Google Press Release Sites

There are lots of people do not know who to search press release sites in google but they know the importance of press release so follow out tips and save your time:,

1 – Open –

2 – Type “press release sites list” and enter, you will find lots of list of press release sites in google.

3 – You must open top 10 all websites because may be some sites keep fake press release websites in their list which will cause time wasting work.

Important of Press Release In SEO

Press release sites has very good effect on website ranking because it is part of SEO like guest posting sites, directory, social bookmarking and commenting posting. Press release sites always used for getting free backlinks in google but use of dofollow press release is more important other then nofollow.

Press Release Sites List 2018

We have collected some very good press released sites for new and old SEO specialist and list will give you benefits.

7 –

Free Instant Approval Press Release Sites List 


Note – we have some above press release websites for saving your time and money because you can use free press released sites only from our list.


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